Mountain bike in Formazza

On this page you can find information about some mountain bike trails available in Val Formazza.

Some mountain bike trails

Route Difference Distance
From Ponte to Toce Waterfall 388 mt 5.5 km
Around the Morasco lake 138 mt 7.3 km
From Riale to Maria Luisa hut 450 mt 5.2 km
From Maria Luisa hut to San Giacomo pass 176 km 4.0 km
From Maria Luisa hut to Kastel lake 85 mt 1.5 km
From Riale to Bettelmatt 374 mt 5.1 km
From Riale to Neufelgiù alp 328 mt 4.9 km

Mountain bike rental

Address: Frazione Ponte, at Hotel Rotenthal

Address: Frazione Riale, at Mountain sport center Formazza


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